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With the full of beauty care services and new colors for you to choose from, you are ensured to enjoy the best services in our effort of doing a great job.
Let’s take a look at our price list below!! Our nail salon is always committed to bringing you a reasonable price!



Classic Pedicure (30 Minutes) $30

The Classic Pedicure gives you a calming experience. Relax while soaking your feet in warm water with lemon sea salt. We trim and shape your nails, clean the cuticles, treat calluses, massage with oil, apply an ice mineral and marine mask, wrap with a towel, and finish with nail polish.

* Add Paraffin Wax $7
Deluxe Pedicure (35 Minutes) $40

Hydrate and lock in the moisture with this pedicure that comes with the benefits of milk and honey! Natural ingredients are used in this pedicure to provide intense nourishment to the feet and legs! This treatment includes warm honey milk, foot scrub, natural fragrance oils, hot towel wrap, and hydrating massage.

Ospa Deluxe Pedicure (40 Minutes) $45

Do you want soft feet at all times? Invest in your feet that take you everywhere! This treatment contains natural sugar suspended in a blend of organic oils such as olive oil, argan oil, jojoba, and spearmint. It helps moisturize and soften skin, leaving legs and feet smooth and glowing. Sit back and relax as you enjoy your much-needed spa pedicure with a wonderful spearmint scent.

Hot Stone Pedicure (45 Minutes) $50

Try this wonderfully relaxing pedicure to totally unwind and restore inner peace and tranquility! The heat of the stone relaxes the muscle and makes the massage more effective and intense. It expands the blood vessels, calms the nervous system, and detoxes the body. Hot stone therapy is said to have health benefits for people with muscle pain, poor circulation, arthritic conditions, stress, or depression.

Nu Skin Pedicure (50 Minutes) $60

Indulge yourself with our premium pedicure with naturally fragranced allspice berry. Crushed allspice berry is used to relieve persistent dry, cracked, red skin on heels, toes, and sides of feet. It works on the underlying cause of rough, dry, and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth, healthy-looking condition.

* Add Paraffin Wax for only $5 more
* Add Shellac Gel $20
* Polish Change $15


Classic Manicure $20
Shellac Gel Manicure $40
Shellac Gel Color Change $25
Regular Color Change $10
Solar Nails Set

Solar Nails

Solar nails provide an alternative to acrylics and are stronger, durable, easier to maintain, and provide a long-lasting glossy look.

Full Set

Solar Classic $40
Solar French/Pearl Tips $45
Solar Shellac Gel $55
Solar Color Powder $50
Solar Color Powder Tips $55
Solar Pink & White $55
Solar Ombre' $60


Solar Classic $30 (with Polish)
Solar Shellac Gel $45
Solar Color Powder $40 / $45 (change color)
Solar Pink & White $45
Solar Ombre' $50

Dipping Powder

The dipping powder jass added Vitamin E and Calcium, and is strong lightweight, odor-free, and provides long-lasting shine. It looks and feels natural and contains no harmful primers.
Dip $45
Dip French / Color Tips $50
Dip Ombre $60


Eyebrows $10
Lip $6
Chin $10
Full Face $35
Forehead $10
Sideburns $12
Extra/ Other Service

Additional Services

Shellac Polish $25
Nail Art $5
Nail Repair $5
Nails Cut/Trim $10
Shape $5
Costume Length (M) $5
Costume Length (L) $10
Costume Length (XL) $15
French $5

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions come in various lengths, colors, and thicknesses, from natural-looking to glamorous as well as dramatic. With extensions, you can just wake up, get dressed, and walk out the door. No more hassling with mascara and the lash curler!

Classic Lash Set

50:50 Full Set $80
70:70 Full Set $90
80:80 Full Set $100
100:100 Full Set $120
Full Set Hybrid $120
Full Set Wispy $130
Full Set Mega $180
Add Color Lash $10

Volume Lash Set

50:50 Full Set $100
70:70 Full Set $110
80:80 Full Set $120
100:100 Full Set $140

Cluster $45

Custom Shape + $5

Lash Lift/Eyelash Curler $60

1 Week $30
2 Weeks $60
3 Weeks $70
4 Weeks Requires Full Set